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AccuCount is an app which allows a person to enumerate or count and record things such as items, points, strokes, or occurrences. The user taps on a button, or on the screen, to increment the total. Any particular total may also be saved by tapping on the “Save” button.


The app may be customized in a number of ways. These changes may be made via the settings screen. The background of the application may be chosen. Users may also choose the amount the total will be incremented when the add button is clicked, and set a total at which the app will vibrate.

Several gestures may also be utilized. The user may decide to allow the total to be incremented when the screen is tapped, and may reset the total to 0 via a swipe gesture. The total can be doubled by double tapping on the screen, if desired.

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When a particular total is saved, via the main screen, it is placed on a list visible on the settings screen, as shown above. Items on the list may be deleted, or the entire list may be sent to an email address.

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