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PicRetriever provides photographers with the ability to import pictures from folders on digital memory cards or other sources and copy them to any number of destination folders. Destination folders may be specified using an 'Add Destination" button or folders may be dragged into the window from the Finder. The names of the new files may be specified using rules which may be configured in the import window.

The results of an image import session is shown below. Files from a folder in a memory card have been imported to three differed folders. The full path of the destination folders can be displayed in the table's tool tips.


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As images are imported, previews of each are added to the image browser in the lower section of the window. Image preview sizes may be set in the window using a slider control, as shown in the picture below. Image previews are labeled with both the original and newly generated file name.

Users may also choose to display the imported pictures as a slide show, or to choose a folder containing folders on the disk and display them in a slide show format.

When pictures are imported, the user may also create a “Contact Sheet” with the images. Choosing the “Print Contact Sheet” item from the File menu allows the pictures to be printed, or saved as a PDF file, with the number of columns displayed on the import window.