Software Development for MacOS, iOS, and Web-based platforms • Software and Web Site Design

Shannon Technologies produces productivity software for the Mac OS X and iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) platforms. Consulting services are also available for products for these platforms as well as for Web site design and development and Web-based applications.

iOS Products

Pace calculation software for track and field athletes, coaches, and fans

Mathematics education and testing software for children

Scientific application for numerics and decision support

Software for adding, counting, enumerating, and recording

Mac OS X Products

Advanced note taking software with multi-media and Internet features


Task management, to do list, and outlining with Calendar Store integration

Analysis, reporting, and visualization of Web server statistics

OS X version of classic cellular automata simulation

Utility for importing, backing up, and displaying digital photographs

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Evaluation of JavaScript code with features for instruction and demonstration

Advanced stopwatch and pacing application for track and field